Safety & Security

The safety and security of our students, staff, and visitors is one of our top priorities. We strive to provide a safe and secure environment for the education of our future generations. Our District works closely with local law enforcement as well as outside professional consultants to implement safety procedures and policies. Which include:

  • Restricted Visitor Access (see Visitor Information Below)
  • Monthly Safety Drills
  • 3-4 Armed Security Officers on campus during school hours.
  • Mandatory ID Badge Policy for all faculty & staff.

In addition, Wilmington Area School District utilizes the following to enhance the security of our school campus:

  • 120+ Security Cameras (excludes school bus cameras)
  • Electronic Door Access and Monitoring on every external door.
  • FCC Licensed Radio Communications Network
  • RAPTOR Visitor Background Check System
  • Battery + Generator Power Backup for all Cameras & Door Access Systems

Visitor Information

Visitors to our campus are required to enter through the designated visitor entrances during school hours.   The entrances are located at the High School office entrance and the Elementary main entrance.  Note: Visitor access through the Middle School entrance is prohibited.   

Visitors and their possessions are subject to search by security personal before entering a school.  Additionally, visitors are required to provide valid government issued ID (ex: Drivers License) which will be compared to state and federal criminal and child abuse lists electronically.   

Meet Our Officers

Wilmington Area School District employs four armed security officers.  There are no less than three on our school campus during school hours.   We welcome their dedication and extensive experience!



Claude is a graduate of New Castle High School. He served in the US Marine Corps during Vietnam and served as a member of the Military Police Force. Claude also held a White House Security Clearance and, with it, was responsible for the safety of The President of the United States and foreign dignitaries. Claude is recently retired from a supervisor’s position at the PA Bureau of Juvenile Justice.  


Sean is a local graduate of  WMASD.  He served three years in the United States Army with the 2nd Infantry Division DMZ Operations.  After an honorable discharge, Sean worked as a State Corrections Officer for 20 years. He joined the WASD Security Team in 2012.


Officer Lawrence Herb is a Part Time Security Officer for the New Wilmington School District. He works full-time as Corrections Officer for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. Officer Herb retired as a New Castle City Police Officer in 2008. He was a Patrol Officer for South New Castle Borough P.D. for two years prior to being hired by the city. He served in the U.S. Army for six years and is a Veteran of the Persian Gulf War.  Officer Herb holds a B.S. in A.S. Criminal Justice from Youngstown State University and a M.S. in A.S. Legal Studies (Homeland Security) from California University of Pennsylvania.


William’s law enforcement career includes 25 years as a DCNR Ranger as well as work in the security 

areas. He began in 1988 working as a clerk at Raccoon State Park in Beaver County and eventually moved through the ranks to Ranger. He attended Slippery Rock University with studies in Civil Liberties, Arts and Humanities, and Physcology. He attended Indiana University's Municipal Officers Training Academy and continued mandated courses of study for Officers of the Commonwealth through the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources until retirement in 2016. Personal interests would include the great outdoors, carpentry and woodwork, and a bit of dabbling in abstract art and literature. My security work began in 1992 and I have been a certified agent of Act 235 since 1997.