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Wilmington Area Middle School


 The Wilmington Area Middle School, located on the western side of the middle/high school complex, houses approximately 400 students in grades five to eight.   Our mission is to provide a challenging and caring learning environment for all students, in order to help them face the rigorous demands of becoming active citizens in the 21st century.  


Developmentally, the middle school years involve a great deal of change and uncertainty.   We commit ourselves to provide a nurturing approach, enabling students to productively manage this time of change. Various educational programs assist and guide students through these challenges.  Services include small group discussions, counseling, Olweus Anti-Bullying program, and interventions lead by our Care Team of teachers.  We strive to instill a sense of belonging, trust, and respect within all students.   Our goal is to make the middle school years a time of productive growth both academically and socially.

We accomplish this goal by offering our students creative academic programming tailored to individual needs.  Each learner possesses unique abilities we strive to identify and develop.  Academic teams meet regularly to evaluate student data and our effectiveness toward accommodating students' diverse needs.  On-going evaluation of our curriculum, programming and instruction enables us to develop relevant and rigorous learning experiences. 

Wilmington Area Middle School offers an array of curricular and extra curricular opportunities in order to develop well-rounded citizens.   Art, band, chorus, physical education, and technology (including, typing, computer programming, and robotics) allow students to expand upon diverse interests.   Science is nurtured through competitions such as Junior Academy of Science and Science Olympiad competition.

Many students participate in school-sponsored clubs that meet during our activity period and also on weekends.  Some of these enrichment activities include Future Business Leaders of America, Ecology Club, Environmental Club, Conservation Club, Peer Leadership, Student Council, and the Youngstown State English Festival.

In summation, the middle school sees its role as an important bridge between the elementary and the high school as the district is preparing its students to take their place as contributing members in society.



300 Wood Street | New Wilmington PA 16142 | Telephone: 724-656-8866
300 Wood Street | New Wilmington PA 16142

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