1:1 Initiative at Wilmington Area School District

The 1:1 (One to One) program provides every student with a district owned mobile device such as a Chromebook or iPad. This initiative began in August 2017 with chromebooks for grades 3 - 12 and iPads K - 2. 

This initiative will give students access to a more personalized learning experience, and will support the curriculum, foster critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration in all classrooms for every student.  It will provide our future generations the skills necessary to excel in our modern technology driven world.


2019/20 School Year

Participation is required for all students in grades 5 - 12. 

Opting out of the 1:1 program is reserved for students who intend to purchase their own chromebook and understand the caveats of doing so (Read the 1:1 Handbook for reasons why opting out is discouraged).  More info about Opting-Out is below:

Those who opt-out are still required to attend deployment to complete paperwork 
(Read, Accept, and Sign the 1:1 Handbook)

Grades Device Deployment Date Required Insurance Fee
K - 2 iPad n/a
(Device will be used in school only and distributed during the first week of school)
$0 (no home use)
3 - 4 Chromebook n/a
(Device will be used in school only and distributed during the first week of school)
$0 (no home use)
5 - 12 Chromebook High School (9-12)
Aug. 20th
Middle School (5-8)
Aug. 19th

Distribution will be 4:30 - 7:30 in the HS Office Lobby

* Students in the National Free or Reduced Lunch Program pay a reduced fee.  

If you have multiple students receiving a chromebook,  you need only come for one of the above dates, regardless of grade level. Example: If you have a student in 7th and another in 11th, you may come on the 20th or 19th. Not both.

What occurs during deployment?

The WASD Administrative and Technology Teams will distribute devices for grades 5 through 12 near the beginning of the School Year (see above schedule). During distribution, Parents/Guardians & Students are required to come to the designated location to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Sign and Submit the 1:1 Handbook Agreement
  • Pay the non-refundable insurance fee
  • Receive their device, charger, and case.

Devices for K - 4 are not permitted to be taken home; therefor, the above does not apply. 

Home Use

Use of the device at home is restricted to Middle and High School students (Grades 5 - 12). Elementary students will not be permitted to take their device home and will instead leave the device in their homeroom classrooms at designated charging areas.

Requirements for home use:

  • Parents/Guardians of students in grades 5 - 12 are required to read and agree to the 1:1 Handbook
  • Students in grades 5 - 12 are also required to read and sign the handbook.
  • Parents/Guardians are required to pay a damage insurance fee

Opting Out

A parent/guardian may choose to decline a 1:1 device for their child(ren) ONLY if they decide to provide a personally purchased device to their student. To opt out, the 1:1 Handbook Agreement must be completed during scheduled deployment.

An important consideration: Should your child opt-out and choose to use a personally owned device instead, please understand that software (apps) purchased by the District may not be available or distributed to personally owned devices.

Why opting out is discouraged:

  • Students who opt-out will not receive technical support of any kind for any personally owned devices. It will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian & student to ensure the device is working properly and effectively every day.  Failure to ensure the device is operating adequately may be viewed as though the student is not prepared for class. 
  • Students who opt-out will be prohibited from using any District owned Chromebook. Normally, those enrolled in the 1:1 program have the benefit of having access to loaner devices should they encounter issues or forget their device at home. This will not be the case for those who opt-out.   

Students using personally owned devices are responsible to purchase any software/apps required for a class. The District will purchase software/apps for District owned devices only.  Software/apps may be required at any time without notice.

Those who opt-out are still required to attend deployment to complete paperwork (Read, Accept, and Sign the 1:1 Handbook) and to ensure their device is compatible with District wifi. 

Acceptable Personally Owned Devices:

  • (RECOMMENDED)  Chromebook Laptop, with Intel Processor, 4GB+ Memory, 32GB+ Storage,  11"-15" Screen
    • Any major brand is acceptable.   Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, etc.   
    • For reference, the District recently purchased Dell Chromebooks, model 3180.  
  • Windows or Apple laptops, with Intel Processor, 4GB+ Memory, 128GB+ Storage, 11"-15" screen
    • Be wary of battery life of Windows and Apple powered devices!  Your student's device needs to last the entire school day.

If you have any questions regarding the 1:1 initiative, please read the 1:1 Handbook in its entirety before contacting your child's Teacher, Principal, or Secretary. It is very likely your question will be answered within the handbook. Otherwise, send your question via email to: 1to1@wasd.school