Next month, Wilmington will welcome teachers and school administrators from neighboring and regional districts to "Show & Tell" its amazing use of educational technology. This will be Wilmington's third Show & Tell event. 

During the event, guests are able to visit classrooms to see and participate in lessons and activities.   Each classroom, depending on the course, will show a different technology or digital tool to enhance their student's learning.   Guests are able to visit several classrooms of their choice. After a lunch break, guests are presented to by several Wilmington teachers for our "Deeper Dive" portion of the event.   During the "Deeper Dive", our teachers can share more details about their innovative use of technology and include more outside the classroom details for our guests to understand. This is a full day event packed with opportunities for fellow educators to experience and learn from.      

"I really enjoyed the experience and found this type of professional development much more enriching and rewarding than typical training sessions and/or presenters."
Anonymous Guest Teacher 

"Very appreciative to attend this event. I am able to bring back a lot
of great and useful information to our staff & students."
 -  Anonymous Guest Teacher 

“As someone who was against integrating technology, I saw many ways to use it and still deliver the lessons I feel my students need.  I also saw many ways other subjects integrate technology and can give my colleagues ideas when the time comes”
- Anonymous Guest Teacher 

“The world is at our fingertips...let's utilize what's available! 
WASD is setting an amazing example to local districts and also the world!...district is a beacon in the educational-technical world!”

- Anonymous Guest Teacher

Wilmington’s Teachers and Staff are proud to lead by example and honored to be recognized by Google as a "Google Reference District" - one of only 140 in the United States!   Through its innovative and extensive use of educational technology, Wilmington Area School District continues to excel at preparing our future generations for the modern technological world. 

Attending this event is reserved for fellow teachers and administrative educators.   Space is severely limited and filling fast! Teachers from neighboring districts who wish to attend must RSVP via this form:   https://forms.gle/K8zussiSg8TAJpVa7

ACT48 credits for teachers are possible with approval from their home district. Certificates of attendance will be provided at the end of the event. 

Event Date:  November 5th, 2019

Location:  Wilmington High School + Middle School

RSVP Required (registration)

Cost:  Free!  

Tentative Event Agenda:

For more information, go to:  http://www.wasd.school/show-tell-event


A HUGE Thank You To Our Event Sponsors:


 ( Google for Education  + Alma SIS )