Chromebook Webcams to be Enabled

Wilmington Area Students in Grades 3-12

March 20th, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:

In preparation for creating effective educational programs and activities for students, the functionality of webcams on school provided chromebooks will be enabled.  Webcams will be used by educators to deliver instruction and promote teamwork, collaboration, and social interaction during these unprecedented times. Previously, webcams on school provided chromebooks were disabled at an administrative level and could not be used for any reason.  However, in light of current events and our plans to continue education via online/digital methods, we are removing this restriction. Doing so will allow students to communicate via audio and/or video conferencing with teachers and their fellow classmates - enhancing their communication, collaboration, and social aptitude during this time. 

The District wishes to convey its dedication to the security and privacy of its students.   Let it be clear that access to chromebook cameras is not possible by any staff member unless the student accepts a request to connect.  The primary usage for the camera will be for Google Hangouts Meet - a video conferencing service - and other similar services at teacher discretion.

We understand that many of you will wish to cover the camera.  This is perfectly acceptable, but please follow these rules: 1)  Do not use stickers that are difficult to remove - You may need to use your camera someday.  2) If you wish to cover it, consider using a band-aid instead of a sticker. A band-aid can be removed easily, and the pad will prevent any sticky residue from remaining on the camera lens. 

If you have questions or concerns with this change, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Principal.   We thank you for your understanding as we strive to provide our students with new and safe opportunities to learn.  

Stay healthy, 

Wilmington Area School District Leadership Team

Dr. Jeff Matty, Superintendent
Mr. George Endrizzi, Elem. Principal
Mr. Ken Jewell, Dir. of Curriculum & Instruction
Mr. Robert Kwiat, MS Principal
Mr. Michael Wright, HS Principal