June 10th, 2020


Press Release

On behalf of the Wilmington Area School District, we are saddened and bothered to learn of

the charges filed against one of our professional employees. We express our empathy to any of

our former and/or current students who may have suffered as a result of these offensive

allegations and will certainly seek to provide the necessary support and assistance where


Rest assured that the safety and welfare of all of our students are of utmost importance. The

community can feel confident that any time there are issues that are identified within our

school system, we exercise due diligence and we take them very seriously.

With regards to the specific personnel inquiries, the District cannot provide details of the

personnel matter to the public, but we have followed the guidance of local and state

authorities, educational policies, and the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s protocol.

The District is most appreciative of the effort and support of the Lawrence County District

Attorney’s Office and its investigative unit.

Jeffrey Matty, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Wilmington Area School District