Student Learning Pathways

Attention Parents/Guardians:

Wilmington Area School District’s administration has developed learning pathways to provide
the best and safest education for the 2020-2021 school year.  Personalized learning pathways for
our student population will work in conjunction with school board approved health and safety
plans.  Parents and students are encouraged to discuss and select the best learning pathway.

Student Learning Pathways  

(in no particular order)

1. "Greyhound Learning"
Same time learning traditionally or in a hybrid format daily. Based on health regulations from
local and state guidelines, and school-approved health plans, students will attend in-school
traditionally when possible, or in a hybrid format of in-school and at-home learning. Hybrid
learning groups will be assigned based on grade level and social distance guidelines. Whether
in-school or at-home, students interact with their Wilmington Area teachers live each
school day.

2. "Greyhound Learning @ Home"
Same time learning with Wilmington Area teachers from your home. In choosing this option,
students will be enrolled from home and expected to log on and attend school daily.  During
class, students will interact live with Wilmington Area teachers and students.  This option is
recommended for students with health concerns that may prevent in-person attendance.

3. Wilmington Academy 
Any time, self-paced class available from your home. Based on family needs, we will be
offering cyber class coursework through a team effort with Seneca Valley School District Cyber
School. Seneca Valley has offered cyber classes for 13 years to over 12,000 students and has a
partnership with 65 school districts.  If selecting this option, Wilmington Area teachers will
monitor coursework that will count for grade level or graduation requirements. Please note
that graduation or grade level credits transferred from other Cyber schools are not guaranteed to
meet WASD course requirements.

Please contact Ali Ciavarino
at or (724) 656-8866 ext 6545
or a school Principal to further discuss learning pathways.