Elementary 1:1 Device Pickup
8/26 - Due to high possibility of rain, pickup has been moved from the Elementary to the High School Gym Entrance (Curbside, with awning)
Elementary students (K-4) are required to have a compatible device for online learning.   This is referred to as the 1:1 Program (One to One Program).    Families may opt out of the program only if they are providing their child a personal device, otherwise, all students will be provided a school owned device.  

A requirement for the 1:1 program is a signed agreement by the parent/guardian.   The agreement and the 1:1 handbook are available here:   https://5il.co/jchs

Typically, a non-refundable $25 fee is required to cover accidental damages.  This fee has been waived for all grade levels.

For students in grades K - 2, the district will provide an Apple iPad.   Students in 3-4 will be provided a Chromebook laptop.    (Note: Grade 2 students will transition from an iPad to a Chromebook at some point during the school year)  

Most students in grades 3-4 have already been provided a device for home-use.    Even though they already have the device, we encourage them to come to distribution to sign the 1:1 agreement and to ensure the device is still working properly.   

Pickup Dates + Times:

Wednesday, Aug. 26th, 5-7PM

Thursday, Aug. 27th, 12-2PM

Pickup Procedure

Vehicles will form a line from the Elementary main entrance curb High School Gym Entrance curb.    There will be two steps and an optional third.   Step 1 is to check-in and sign the 1:1 agreement if not already done.    Step 2 is to pickup your device if applicable.    The optional Step 3 is to pull into the adjacent staff parking area to text the device.   Can your child sign-in to the device?  Is the device connecting to the school's Wifi?   etc.    (Anyone with a tech issue during step 3 is asked to step out and stand next to their vehicle. This will signal a team member to come and assist)