March 21, 2019

To the Wilmington Area Community :

Good Evening. In light of the focus surrounding our school district today, it is natural
that parents, teachers, and students are concerned for the safety and security of all. It is
unfortunate that false rumors have circulated throughout the community regarding an alleged
threat to our students today. While it is true that social media information was reviewed by
police and the administration, our students were never at risk. Through prompt action by local
law enforcement and school personnel, the social media information was determined to be
unsubstantiated; therefore, a lockdown or other security action was not warranted. Following the investigation, parents and guardians were contacted by Alert Now. Once again, I would like to stress that at no time were students or staff in any danger. Rumors regarding a weapon, ammunition, or an arrest of students, on our campus are absolutely false. It is regrettable that unfounded rumors like these have been spread, causing confusion, panic and student pick-ups.

As Superintendent, I want to reassure all of you that the administration, school board, and
staff believe in student safety first. That being stated, all incidents, threats or actions deemed to pose a threat to safety are investigated immediately and followed with appropriate actions. The district continues to review and revise safety and security procedures with input from security and law enforcement.

We hope everyone learns the importance of not recklessly spreading false information or speculation on social media. Most importantly, please contact your school administrator or the Superintendent’s office if you have any information regarding any concerns.


Jeffrey Matty Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Wilmington Area School District