the September 22nd Board Meeting will occur in-person

The meeting will occur in the HS Library. 

The meeting will be streamed live as it has been in months past.  Link below.  

Members of the public who wish to address the Board may do so in-person only.   
The live stream is for viewing only. 


  • All guests, staff, and board members will enter at the HS entrance
  • All must wear masks at all times
  • Temperature checks will be made upon entrance
  • All must social distance at all times. Overflow space for public will be in adjacent rooms. 
  • Name and address will be written down on entry
  • Anyone wishing to address the Board must do so in-person.   The live stream is for viewing only


Next Meetings:

If you intend to address the Board virtually - Things you need to know:

  • You must connect via Google Hangouts Meet (not the Live stream) 
  • You must connect with a device with a working microphone (camera is optional but recommended)
  • You are required to remain muted until called on to speak.  Anyone not following this rule will be removed from the meeting.  Interruptions will not be tolerated
  • At the start of the meeting, you will be required to "sign-up" to speak by stating your name and intention to speak into the chat.   
  • The Board President will open the meeting for public comments twice per meeting - near the beginning and again near the end.  During these times, those who signed-up to speak will be called on to unmute and address the Board.


All public meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. Deliberation and/or official action may take place at all advertised meetings below. Meetings will be held in the High School Resource Center at 300 Wood Street, New Wilmington, PA 16142, unless otherwise noted. Please bring a device to access Board Docs for the detailed agenda and attachments.

2020 Pre-board/Work Session Meetings and Regular Meetings, as advertised herein.

January 21 and 28
February 18 and 25
March 17 and 24
April 21 and 28
May 19 and 26
June 16 and 23 (23rd if needed)
July 21 and 28 (28th if needed)
August 11 and 18
September 15 and 22
October 20 and 27
November 17 and 24
December 2 -Wednesday (Reorganization) December 15 combined work and regular session)

Current Members:
(Solicitation of Board Members by organizations or corporate interests are forbidden and will not be tolerated)

Mrs. Lynn Foltz, President    (lfoltz@board.wasd.school)
Mrs. Kathryn Riley, Vice President    (kriley@board.wasd.school)
Mr. Robert Curry    (rcurry@board.wasd.school)
Mr. David Dawson    (ddawson@board.wasd.school)
Mrs. Carol Harris    (charris@board.wasd.school)
Mrs. Julie Ochs, Asst. Secretary    (jochs@board.wasd.school)                                
Mrs. Nancy Phillips    (nphillips@board.wasd.school)                                
Mrs. Vanessa Russo    (vrusso@board.wasd.school)                                
Mr. Mark Shenker    (mshenker@board.wasd.school)

Dr. Jeffrey Matty, Superintendent    (matty@wasd.school)
Mr. Joshua Latore, Business Manager
Mrs. Debra Crum, Board Secretary and Assistant Business Manager
Mr. Michael Bonner, Solicitor

Board Committees (*denotes chairperson):

Academic & Curriculum: * Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Ochs, and Mrs. Riley - **meets after Work Sessions
Athletics & Athletic Facilities: *Mr. Curry, Mr. Shenker, and Mrs. Harris - **meets as needed
Budget & Finance: *Mr. Shenker, Mrs. Riley, and Mrs. Russo - **meets 5:30 p.m. prior to Work Sessions
Buildings, Grounds & Security: *Mrs.  Ochs, Mr. Curry, and Mrs. Harris - **meets Fridays at 11 am, prior to Work Sessions
Personnel: *Mrs. Riley, Mr. Dawson, and Mr. Curry - **meets after Voting Sessions
Policy: *Mr. Dawson, Mrs. Russo, and Mrs. Phillips - **meets prior to Regular Sessions

The Board President and Superintendent are ex-officio members of each committee.
**Committee Meetings are subject to change. Board Docs is the ultimate source of truth regarding committee meeting times.

For more information, please contact Dr. Jeffrey Matty, Superintendent.