Wilmington Area School District is proud to announce its acceptance into the exclusive Google Reference program!

Google for Education Reference Districts are districts that demonstrate excellence and thought leadership through the innovative use of technology, including G Suite for Education (formerly known as Google Apps for Education) and Chromebooks, to drive impact and positive learning outcomes.

The purpose of the Google Reference Program is to showcase excelling schools and for all other schools to learn by example.   Wilmington is dedicated to the continuous pursuit of academic excellence and strives to lead all surrounding Districts.  WASD hopes to improve the quality of education for all students in the entire region, not just those in our District.   To do so, educational tours will be available for surrounding educators to visit our campus. These tours will provide an on-hands experience at the amazing work our dedicated teachers, staff, and students do every day.    Tour info is below

How many other Google Reference Districts are there?
There are less than 200 in the world!  (see our excitement?)
You can search a directory at:   https://edudirectory.withgoogle.com (Click "More Filters", then "I want to connect with a...", then choose "Reference School/District" to filter the results.    Be sure to put in a zip code, too!

Here is a direct link to our Google Reference directory page:  https://edudirectory.withgoogle.com/en/profile/6d03c483f4de21e201c0cb3182e75b17

Show & Tell

An onsite tour of Wilmington Schools showcasing the amazing things we're doing including our 1:1 program and our extensive use of G Suite for Education.  

Our Show & Tell Tour is reserved for teachers and staff of other K-12 School Districts.   This event is NOT open to the general public. 

Tour Date:  January 31st, 2018 

(a second tour is being considered in March, details will be posted here when available)

Reservations Required!   
We ask that no organization send more than five people.   
Space is severely limited.  25 guest limit! 

To register, CLICK HERE



8:00 - 9:30HS Gym LobbyArrival, Networking Opportunity Light Breakfast Provided

9:30 - 10:00

HS GymWelcome Presentation
Learn WHY we went 1:1 and HOW we did it
10:00 - 10:35BREAK OUT - Round 1Classroom ToursGroup 1: CLASSROOM 1
Group 2: CLASSROOM 2
Group 3: CLASSROOM 3

10:35 - 11:10

BREAK OUT - Round 2Classroom ToursGroup 1: CLASSROOM 2
Group 2: CLASSROOM 3
Group 3: CLASSROOM 1

11:10 - 12:15

HS AuditoriumTeacher Spotlight Presentation & Demo
12:15 - 12:40BREAK OUT - Round 3Classroom ToursGroup 1: CLASSROOM 3
Group 2: CLASSROOM 1
Group 3: CLASSROOM 2

12:40 - 1:30

Gymnasium Lunch, Sponsor TBD
1:30 - 2:00Gymnasium
Technology Office
Q & A Teacher's Panel
Technology Staff will host separate tour and info session regarding technology systems, infrastructure, and device management.
2:00 - 2:30 (or when discussion ends)Wrap-up
Admin and Tech Team will answer any last questions.