SWAT is all about technology - from recording videos such that the morning news, to working on hardware for chromebooks, to updating software on chromebooks and phones - SWAT does it all.

There are different sections in SWAT: there is a studio where all recording and editing is done - this includes working on the morning news production. It is a daily project with the school announcements, game scores, dates for upcoming events, and what's for lunch that day. Another component of SWAT is helping teachers with requests for use of technology in the classroom.

In the hardware and software aspect of SWAT there is quite a bit of work. From unpacking and setting up phones to just transporting items from building to building if needed. Frequently fixing or maintenance is required. From chromebooks to a teacher’s computer with broken keys, cracked screens or just needing a new battery installed. Sometimes new chromebooks come in and they need charged and having their systems updated - we do it all.

The environment in the SWAT rooms are also very kind - everyone helps everyone if they can. We are all there voluntarily so we all just want to help those who need it. By helping in SWAT, we are both learning and helping others to learn also. 

Technology enhances education and emboldens students toward a brighter tomorrow