Special Education

The Wilmington Area School District is a caring and educational community that is sensitive to individual differences and provides a continuum of services and programs for grades K-12 to ensure the unique individual needs of the students are met, preparing them to reach their potential and to become responsible contributors to society. The District supports an inclusive rationale that recognizes students’ individual learning differences, strengths and/or needs and provides a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) to all exceptional students according to federal, state, and district policy.

The Wilmington Area School District professional staff constantly strives to improve the quality of the curriculum and instruction presented to our students. The District is proud of the co-teaching model that has been incorporated and promotes the least restrictive environment in order to educate as many special education students within our district as possible.

The District, in conjunction with Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV and other contracted services and agencies, provides services for children identified as having special needs. Parents of a child recommended for special education are involved throughout the screening and evaluation process, as well as in the development of an individualized education program (IEP) for their child. In all facets of the Special Education Program, we encourage you, the parent, to participate in team meetings, to assist with the development of goals for your child and to be included in decisions regarding your child’s programming.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Special Education Department. We want to provide the best possible education for your children to prepare them for the future. We can make a difference by working together, accepting, believing, and caring, because every child is a special child.

Gifted Education

It is the intent of the Wilmington Area School District that gifted students are provided with quality gifted educational services and programs. Gifted education is based on the unique strengths and/or abilities of the student.In order to assist in the early identification of any student who may require differentiated instruction, the District has established screening procedures including, but not limited to, a review of the following information; standardized and criterion referenced test data, developmental checklists, anecdotal records, curriculum-based assessments, and formative evaluation procedures. Parents and teachers may also make recommendations for gifted identification. Determination of mentally gifted shall include a full assessment and comprehensive report by a public school psychologist specifying the nature and degree of the ability. There are multiple criteria for gifted support program placement:

§ Outstanding intellectual and creative ability.

§ Student profile indicates gifted ability.

§ Teacher and parent recommendations suggest superior ability.

§ IQ score of 130 or higher or when other educational criteria strongly indicate gifted ability and need for a gifted support program. Deficits in processing speed or memory, as indicated by testing, will not solely exclude an individual from gifted identification.

§The Gifted Multi-disciplinary Team (GMDT) determines that the student's needs are currently not being met within the regular curriculum in identified areas.

The report will contain recommendations as to whether the student is gifted and in need of specially designed instruction. The GMDT will base educational placement decisions on the gifted student's strengths.

For students who qualify for gifted education a Gifted Individualized Education Program (GIEP) will be written. The GIEP enables gifted students to participate in, but are not limited to, course acceleration, enrichment programs, grade advancement, independent study, Academic Games, and attending college classes. The District makes every effort to meet the needs of each gifted student both in and out of the classroom.