Communication between the Wilmington Area School District and the Parents/Guardians of students is paramount to providing the best education possible and to ensure the safety of all students and staff.  

The District utilizes several methods of communication to parents/guardians as follows:

All Call System

This provides School Administrators the ability to call, via phone, all or select parents/guardians.   
This communication method is used primary for:

  • Emergency Alerts
  • School Closings & Delays
  • Important News & Announcements

Phone numbers provided via the Emergency Contact Card (distributed at the beginning of every year) are included as recipients.  If you are not receiving these alerts, please speak to a school Secretary.  

Mobile Push Notifications

This is a new communication method that requires the use of the official Wilmington Area School District smart phone app.   This app is available for Android and iOS devices at no cost and includes quick and easy access to information including athletic schedules, lunch menus, contact information, and more!   To get the app, open the App store on your mobile device and search for "Wilmington Area School District"

Social Media

Wilmington Area School District utilizes Facebook and Twitter to share news, announcements, and student acheivements.   We encourage all parents, guardians, friends, relatives, and members of the community to follow us on social media.    

Official WASD Facebook page:    https://www.facebook.com/wilmingtonsd

Official WASD Twitter:  https://twitter.com/WilmingtonSD

Automatic Attendance Notifications 

(via Text Message Only,  Graded 5 - 12 Only)

This is an automated alert to parents/guardians should their student(s) be marked absent during 1st period.   These alerts are sent daily @ 9:25AM only to parents/guardians of absent students who provided a mobile phone number on the Emergency Contact Card.  If you wish to receive attendance alerts, please speak to a school Secretary. 

Google Guardians

Google Guardians is a feature of Google Classrooms which sends parents/guardians an email summary of their student's Google Classroom activities.  Summaries can be sent daily or weekly and will include things like class announcements, assignments, test scores, etc.      

This feature is coming soon!  All parent/guardian email addresses provided on the Emergency Contact Card will receive an invitation email (Date TBD).  

Planned Launch:  January, 2018