Department of Technology

"If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow"  - John Dewey

At Wilmington Area School District, the use of technology is not only encouraged, it is embraced and has become ubiquitous in the classroom. It is the goal of WASD to lead by example and raise the standard for educational technology.

We use more technology than any surrounding school district because our students deserve a modern education that will prepare them for the 21st century. We accomplished this without increasing costs but instead reallocated funds from outdated programs and services; replacing them with lower-cost technological solutions. We "think outside the box" and bring innovative ideas and methods to reality on every level of technology. Coupled with a superior technology team (powered by Questeq), we lead all surrounding school districts by example.

The Technology Department of WASD is unlike all other K-12 tech departments in many ways. For one, we are a "Department of Yes!" Where other technology deaprtments say no, we do everything in our power to say yes and provide a working solution for the teacher's or student's needs. No question is "dumb" and all problems can and will be solved.

Secondly, we do not distance ourselves from our teachers or students. Unlike other school districts, the Technology Department of WASD is located in the heart of the High School & Middle School Building and not hidden away among district offices. The WASD Tech Team is devoted to supporting teachers and students, and prefers to be on the “front lines” of technology education. Our “open door” policy welcomes teachers and students to seek assistance at any time at their convenience, not the other way around.

Technology Team

Mr. Matt Maine
Technology Manager

Mr. Aaron McConahy
Infrastructure Engineer

Mr. Bradi Rhoades
Technology Coach

Leading The Way

1:1 Initiative: Every student at WASD is provided a mobile device for academic use.   Wilmington is the first district in the region to accomplish this achievement.   For more information, see the 1:1 Initiative page

Interactive Classrooms: Every classroom has a projector and interactive whiteboard OR a large 65” LCD touch-screen display (currently being phased in)

Bring Your Own Device program (BYOD): Wilmington welcomes all students, teachers, and staff to use school WiFi and to use their device in the classroom with teacher permission. We recognize that we live in a digital world and do not restrict student's use of mobile devices unless necessary.

Stationary Computer Labs: Our Elementary and Middle schools are equipped with Apple iMac computer labs. While our High School has three Windows powered computer labs, most notably, the HS Tech Ed Classroom which is equipped with top-tier computers for advanced drafting, design, and 3D animation and printing.

Mobile Computer Labs:   Mobile labs are not longer needed.  We're a 1:1 district! 

Wireless Internet Access: WASD has one wireless access point in every classroom to provide strong and reliable internet access to over 1,200 wireless devices including our Chromebooks, iPads, and BYOD devices.

Strong and Ample Internet Access: Wilmington has a long term agreement with DQE communications to provide 1 Gigabit Fiber Optic internet service. This service has a guaranteed uptime of 99% and provides all our students and teachers with all the bandwidth they need and beyond. No device at WASD is throttled with a bandwidth limit.

Digital Classrooms: At WASD, we provide students in grades 3 and up with a Microsoft Office 365 account and a Google Apps for Education account. These services provide our students and teachers a virtual place for learning and collaboration. Of these services, Google Classroom is vastly used throughout the District. Google Classroom is an online virtual classroom wherein teachers can post information, homework, and even quizzes for students to complete. Office 365 provides our students and teachers with online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. that they can access from anywhere with internet access even if they do not own Microsoft Office personally.

Tech Ed: The Tech Ed department at WAHS is equipped with a commercial grade 3D printer, CNC Router, Vinyl Cutter, and Plasma Cutter. The Tech Ed Computer Lab is running Windows 10, AutoDesk Suite 2016, Office 2016, Unity Studio, and various 2D and 3D drafting applications.